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Hello, my name is Haniya Rae. I write about the intersection of design and technology. Currently, I'm a Forbes contributor and an associate editor for Cottages & Gardens.

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Artists Stage Political Interventions in Video Games

“I’m interested in using games as a way to engage in and critique the fine art world, especially the economics of that world,” said Grayson Earle, an Integrated Media Arts adjunct professor at Hunt…...

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The Economic Divide in Video Games

It’s all fun and games until the thinly veiled artifice of a virtual world becomes all too real....

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I Visited the Tate (in Minecraft)

The widely beloved open world video game of Minecraft will now offer a new activity for its players to explore: interactive artworks presented by the Tate, the third installment of which was just r…...

Hohokum inbetween 640 article

If Yayoi Kusama Designed a Video Game

Hohokum, a video game where you play a long, thin worm that changes color based on direction, isn’t just an art-ier version of Snakes....

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Pokémon Go Is a Massive Art Happening and You’re All Invited

Sure, here’s the update: “It’s been two weeks and there are 35 million search results for Pokémon Go on Google and 9.5 million daily active players in the United States — which means, i…...

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Pokémon Go Is a Massive Art Happening and You're All Invited. by Haniya Rae on July 22, 2016. by Haniya Rae on July 22, 2016. Post image for Pokémon Go ......