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Hello, my name is Haniya Rae. I write about the intersection of design and technology. Currently, I'm a Forbes contributor and an associate editor for Cottages & Gardens.

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Coke Zero's Got You Covered – In A Holiday Sweater - Digiday

Coke Zero has a tacky sweater generator for all tacky sweater lovers that want to make their dreams of needlepoint pirate snowmen come true....


Eat24 got people to watch ads by telling them not to - Digiday

If you want people to watch your YouTube ad, tell them to skip it. It worked for Eat24....

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Restoration Hardware Takes a Fine Art Foray - Digiday

Restoration Hardware is building out a luxury fine art brand, RH Contemporary Art....

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WestSoy Ditches Brand Site, Goes All-In on Tumblr - Digiday

The vegan-food products company WestSoy is going all-Tumblr all the time....

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What Would Happen If Santa Hired a Brand Strategy Agency? - Digiday

UK agency Quietroom makes much hay out of the entire practice of brand playbooks with their hilarious and scathing tongue-in-cheek Santa rebranding guide....

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Amtrak's scores social media coup with 'writer residencies' - Digiday

This low-cost stunt from Amtrak has positively won over the writing community on Twitter....

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Brands and online wags cozy up to 'Normcore' - Digiday

Brands and wags alike had a field day with the newest ironic hipster fashion phenom: 'Normcore.'...

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How Time Out NY's rethinking for digital - Digiday

Time Out New York is best known as a print publication that reviews of restaurants and lists of upcoming events, but it is now looking to expand its digital offering....

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New York Times Programmatic Ads

The publisher's automated ad buying chief shares how it is adapting to a changed ad-buying environment....

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agency tour

Advertisement. 2014-03-05 14.01.25. Haniya Rae. March 6, 2014. Inside the agency: Firstborn · Wolff_Olins_1. Haniya Rae ... Haniya Rae. February 10, 2014  ......

Pele article

Goooooaaal! Pelé's new soccer app shoots and scores - Digiday

For every soccer fan who has ever wanted to follow in Pelé's nimble footsteps, "Pelé, The King of Football" is the game you've been waiting for....

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You've been Prank'd: Inside Mondelez's startup incubator - Digiday

Mondelez has launched two new startups, seeking a more nimble approach to digital marketing....

Curtain article

Digiday @ Advertising Week - Digiday

September 24, 2013. 5 Best Advertising Week Tweets for Day One · Moving Dots RTB. Haniya Rae. September 24, 2013. With Real-Time Bidding, Size Doesn't ......

Moving dots rtb article

With Real-Time Bidding, Size Doesn’t Matter - Digiday

Engauge's vp and media director offers tips to brands who may not be as big as Coca-Cola but still want to use real-time bidding....

Redesign question article

Should You Redesign Your Website? 4 User-Friendly Flowcharts - Digiday

Wondering whether you're prime for a makeover? We've come up with a helpful series of flowcharts to make sure you've got all your bases covered....